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There are possibilities to share resources on this site or for us to run 'Flipping With a Framework' workshops for your staff. Please contact our team for further information.


Pablo Munguia, John Willison, Jamie Chapman, Danijela Menicanin, Susan Hazel, Beth Loveys, Hayley McGrice,             Anne-Marie Williams, Georgia Clarkson, Fizza Sabir, Irene Lee

Julia Miller, Adriana Milazzo, Tracey Winning, Joy McEntee, Rachel Gibson, Sophie Karanicolas, Cathy Snelling,         Trisha Franceschilli, Karina Riggs, Jodi Sita, Kayoko Enomoto

Project Leaders:

sophieAssociate Professor Sophie Karanicolas (University of Adelaide) is the Assistant Dean for Learning and Teaching, School of Dentistry. Sophie holds a Masters of Education, has led UoA-funded research grants including a 2013 Flipping Health Sciences Pilot Project, a 2008-2010 grant in “Using Interactive Learning Modules" (ILMs) and a 2 year Australian Dental Research Foundation interdisciplinary study on Brief Motivational Interviewing. Sophie was a member of an ALTC two-stage project team for the Research Skills Development Framework. She has presented and published in national and international e-learning conferences and has mentored colleagues in blended learning across the sector. Together with team members Cathy Snelling and Adriana Milazzo, she facilities an annual colleague development program in Becoming an Effective Supervisor and Teacher (BEST). Sophie has worked collaboratively with current project team members and has the knowledge, skills, experience and recognition to be a member of the Leadership Team for this project.

cathyAssociate Professor Catherine Snelling (University of Adelaide) coordinates first year Human Biology in the Bachelor of Oral Health. After undertaking post-graduate studies in on-line education, Cathy has increasingly used a flipped classroom approach in her teaching. She has led two UoA-funded Learning and Teaching projects and has been an active member on other search teams including two ALTC-funded on undergraduate research skill development. Cathy has extensive experience as an author of peer-reviewed articles has presented at national and international learning and teaching conferences. She has conducted seminars and workshops in blended learning for ACU, UTAS and UQ. In June 2014, Cathy ran a flipped workshop at the Council of Undergraduate Research in Washington DC for international academics. Evidence of Cathy’s dedication to colleague development is explicit through these activities, and together with her significant experience in academic leadership and project governance, establishes her credentials in this project’s Leadership Team.

cathyAssociate Professor Tracey Winning (University of Adelaide) coordinates inquiry-based learning activities in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery, with major responsibility for first-year implementation, including inducting students into these activities. She has been team leader on successful university, national and international multisite projects, including two funded by CAUT and CUTSD. These have involved design-based research for developing online rescues, curriculum and staff capacity and research into students’ experiences. University *University of Adelaide’s Stephen Cole the Elder Award & Vice Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in Education in 2006) and national teaching awards (ALTC Citation in 2007) have acknowledged her sustained contribution to supporting students’ learning. She has run successful staff development workshops locally, nationally and internationally related to inquiry-based learning.

Project Team Members:

Dr Jamie Chapman (University of Tasmania) is a lecturer in Human Anatomy specialising in technology-enhanced learning. He was named an Apple Distinguished Educator for 2013 and has been awarded both Vice Chancellor’s and OLT Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning and Teaching.

Dr Catherine Chittleborough (University of Adelaide) (Early Career Academic) has experience in epidemiological research in government and academic settings, with over 40 peer-reviewed publications. She teaches public health and epidemiology courses in the Bachelor of Health Sciences and has piloted flipped learning in her classes.

Dr Georgia Clarkson (Australian Catholic University) has performed the role of national paramedicine coordinator at ACU for several years and led a number of teaching and learning projects. Most recently Georgia has performed the role of academic lead for the ACU Faculty of Health Science flipped/ blended learning project. In 2015 Georgia was awarded faculty and university teaching citations for leadership of the development and implementation of distinctive curricula in paramedicine.

Associate Professor Mario Ricci (University of Adelaide) is currently investigating how mobile technologies are transforming learning and teaching in first year health sciences in the School of Medical Sciences. He is a national award winning teacher and an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Dr John Willison (University of Adelaide) is an educational researcher with a strong record in large research project management, including the two-stage ALTC-funded projects on Research Skill Development and a recently awarded 2014 OLT National Teaching Fellowship.

Implementation Team Members:

Ms Tracy Douglas (University of Tasmania) is first year Coordinator and Associate Head, L&T in Human Life Sciences. Her expertise is in first year support and transition, curriculum development, learning resource development and technology enhanced learning.

Associate Professor Rachel Gibson (University of Adelaide) coordinates Biology for Nursing Practice 1 in the Bachelor of Nursing. In 2013 she has trialed a variety of flipped classroom approaches in her first year classes. She received the Faculty of Health Sciences Executive Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2011.

Dr Danijela Menicanin (University of Adelaide) information to be updated.

Ms Adriana Milazzo (University of Adelaide) is Lecturer and an award winning teacher who coordinates a large (410 students) first-year public health course in the Bachelor of Health Sciences. Adriana has a strong interest in increasing student engagement in large classes, and has been involved with the pilot study on the flipped classroom at University of Adelaide.

Dr Peter Strelan (University of Adelaide) is a researcher in the area of social and personality psychology in the School of Psychology. He coordinates a large (N=500) first year research methods class and enjoys (most of the time!) grappling with the challenges associated with flipping large courses.

Dr Anne-Marie Williams (University of Tasmania) is Associate Head L&T, School of Medicine and teaches first anatomy and histology. Anne-Marie has been actively involved in the implementation and evaluation of several e-learning projects in her subject areas.

Dr Jodi Sita (Australian Catholic University) teaches neurosciences and anatomy into Allied Health disciplines. Her educational interests includes effective use of technology for learning and motivating students to develop effective learning strategies. Jodi uses ‘flipped learning’ as part of a blended learning model in her curriculum design. Her other research interest area focuses on learning more about human attention during different tasks through gaze analysis.

Project Officers:

Ms Irene Lee provides administrative support to the project by organizing meetings and workshops, developing and maintaining flipped classroom project website and IT management, developing flipped classroom resources including audio and video recordings, producing YouTube videos and articulating modules.

Dr Fizza Sabir has been involved in refining the evaluation questionnaires/interviews etc., is managing the evaluation of project activities involving teachers’ as well as students’ data gathering, management, analysis, interpretation and reporting. She also co-ordinates project communications liaising with external and internal stakeholders.

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