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Flipped Classroom Resources


The guides below are interactive multimedia modules. Use Firefox browser for best viewing.

Click on the image to access each module.

1. 7 Steps to Flipping with a Framework

7steps articulate

2. How and Where do I start? A Simple Blueprint Exercise

bloom articulate

3. How to Flip a classroom using Bloom's Instructional Design Framework

bloom articulate

4. Flipped Classroom Design Framework

This design framework created by the Flipped Classroom Community of Practice provides teachers with a simple and peer reviewed flipped classroom guide that helps teachers plan and link each learning segment in a flipped learning cycle. It is a user-friendly guide and includes examples of learning activities that can be used to achieve the required learning outcomes at each stage of learning.

Download the Flipped Classroom Design Framework pdf

5. Guides for Pre-Class, In-Class and Evaluate the Effectiveness

Flipping Large Classes

1. Flipping Large Classes with Dr Michelle French

2. Flipping the Public Law Classroom by Matthew Stubbs

3. How We Met the Challenge of Enabling Students to Learn by Doing in a Large First Year Psychology Research Methods Course

4. Flipping The Large Enrollment Psychology Classroom (NC State University)

Presentations about Flipping

1. Finding Your Critical Friends - Experiences from a Flipped Classroom Community of Practice

2. Building Collegial Partnerships in a Flipped Classroom Community of Practice to Enhance the Student and Staff Experience through Active Scholarly Engagement

List of Readings

Implementation Plan Template

Download Flipped Class Implementation Plan Template (Word doc)

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