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FOODplus Research Centre

FOODplus Vision

To improve the lives of young families through research excellence in food and nutritional sciences.


We Will

  • Develop human health research programs in food and nutrition, with a particular focus on young families
  • Enhance the nutritional value of food plants and animals through agronomic means and work with food manufacturers to develop these into new food products
  • Prove the clinical value of foods through large scale, high-quality, randomised, controlled trials
  • Train a new generation of nutritionists who have a clear understanding of evidence-based decision-making.

Our Research Will

  • Produce new tools to help nutritional studies be run in the community
  • Identify novel biomarkers for human nutritional intake
  • Produce high-quality evidence, from nutritional intervention trials involving mothers, babies and children, to inform policy makers and health professionals.

Example Projects

  • A novel system for stabilising fatty acids collected in a blood spot on filter paper
  • New dietary approaches to improve the iodine status of pregnant women and their infants
  • Low glycaemic index (GI) breakfast foods from a high amylose wheat developed at the Waite Campus
  • The effect of maternal omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on the growth and developmental outcomes of school-age children
  • Plant oligosaccharides to regulate inflammatory/allergic responses.


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    FOODplus Research Centre

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    T: +61 8 8313 4333
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