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FOODplus has a strong relationship with industry partners and is committed  to achieving the following:

  • The creation of research and economic relationships
  • Translation of nutrition research into food products with health outcomes
  • Identification of agricultural products that link food, nutrition and sustainable agriculture to improve human health and develop opportunities which leverage these products.

In order to realise these goals we have been working closely with industry to identify their needs in relation to nutrition, food and human health and link them to the exciting range of grains and other agricultural products that we have available within the FOODplus research Centre.


Some examples are:

FOODplus can also offer a range of services to establish how a food benefits human health.  For further information see Determining Nutritional Benefits.

For further information on FOODplus in relation to our role with the commecial food industry please contact John Carragher.

FOODplus Research Centre

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