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High Amylose Wheat

Colin Jenner Robert Gibson

A hexaploid wheat with unusually high levels (approaching 60%) of amylose in the starch has been developed through a normal selective breeding (non-GM) process. The grain also has 8-fold higher levels of oligosaccharides classed as ‘fructans' compared to normal wheat.

WheatThe high amylose level is reciprocated with a low amylopectin level, thus overall the grain has a low starch content so the grains are smaller and more shriveled than standard wheat. This low amylopectin-high amylose composition gives it elevated resistant starch content and therefore a low/very low GI value. It has a number of possible uses in low GI products. Commercial cultivars are being developed.

If you are interested in making further enquiries about the commercial potential of this grain please contact John Carragher.

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