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Profiling Bioactive Ingredients

Within FOODplus our various groups have capability to measure a number of important characteristics of raw materials (eg grain), processed ingredients and finished foods. These include:

  • trace elements (eg Fe, Mn, B, Cu, Zn, S, Ca, Mg, P, K, Cl, Na, Mo, Co, Ni, Cd, Al, Pb, & Se) through Waite Analytical Services (WAS)
  • fat classes and fatty acid profiles also through WAS
  • grain, flour and dough characteristics (protein content, particle size index, falling number, farinograph)
  • starch composition (amylose, amylopectin and beta glucan content)
  • malting power (amylase activity) and malt/wort saccharide composition
  • lutein contentHigh-performance liquid chromatography

Through our link with the Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS) we can measure the GI of foods.

Our clinical groups have access to a wide range of services for biochemical analysis of blood samples through various hospital and external pathology laboratories.

Over time, we aim to increase the range of analyses we can provide through our own laboratories or through our collaborators.

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