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Waite Lipid Analysis Service (WLAS)

Formerly a branch of the Waite Analytical Service (WAS), Waite Lipid Analysis Service (WLAS) has been set up as a business group under Adelaide Research and Innovation (ARI), the University of Adelaide’s commercial arm to provide a fee for service for academic and commercial clients.

We specialise in lipid analyses of a variety of different matrices, including blood, plasma, breast milk, tissue, oil, leaves, grains, diets, faecal matter and more.

A new and exciting development at WLAS is the PUFAcoat dried blood spot (DBS). The PUFAcoat paper, developed by WLAS researcher Dr Liu Ge and Prof Gibson is a special filter paper which stabilises fatty acids in biological samples at room temperature for periods of several weeks at room temperature. We have been using the PUFAcoat cards in our clinical trials routinely since 2013 with huge success. From 2015, we are offering WLAS clients the option to purchase PUFAcoat cards for their samples – which offers significant convenience and savings in the costs of sample storage, transport and fatty acid analysis compared to traditional methods.

For more information about Waite Lipid Analysis Service or to discuss how we can be of service towards your research or project, please contact us.

Contact Details:

Dr Liu Ge                                                                                           Principal Scientist                                                                                                                               +61 8 8313 6162

Kristina Hickson                                                                          Manager                                                                                                             +61 8 8313 6162

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T: +61 8 8313 4333
F: +61 8 8313 7135

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