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Nutrition and Development

Key Scientists
Jacquie Gould
Maria Makrides

The Nutrition and Development unit aims to:

  • conduct high quality research to enable all children, whether they are born prematurely or at term, to achieve optimal neurodevelopment outcome
  • further our knowledge of the effect of essential nutrient availability during key stages of brain development on neurologic functioning.

Our main research themes cover the health benefits of nutrients that are known to relate to optimal neurodevelopment, including omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, vitamin D and gangliosides.

Image on right Our primary research involves large, high-quality randomised controlled trials of nutritional interventions. These involve randomly assigning participants to consume either a specific nutrient or a placebo, and measuring a range of outcomes thought to be related to the nutrient. We also conduct comprehensive systematic reviews and meta-analyses to summarise the body of research regarding a research question in order to provide evidence-based recommendations to health professionals and highlight areas where further research is needed.

Please contact FOODplus if you are interested in an honours or postgraduate student project in this area of research.

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