Staff Gender Equity Committee

The Staff Gender Equity Committee (SGEC) takes a proactive and strategic role in progressing the equity and diversity agenda for staff in the University.

Committee members

  • Professor Phil Levy, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning) - Chair of the SGEC Committee
  • Dr Jenni Caruso, Director, SGEC and Inclusion, Arts
  • Dr Shona Crabb, Associate Dean, SGEC, Health & Medical Sciences
  • Associate Professor Laura Grenell, Associate Dean,Diversity & Inclusion, The Professions
  • Ms Kathryn Lawrence, Gender Equity Advisor, Human Resources
  • Mrs Elysia Ryan, Director, Human Resources
  • Professor Eileen Scott, Associate Dean, SGEC, Sciences and SAGE SAT Chair
  • Dr Claudia Szabo, Associate Dean, Diversity & Inclusion, ECMS

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for SGEC are to:

  • establish, maintain, monitor and promote the outcomes of a University-wide gender equity framework for staff, including establishing strategies for improving gender participation rates
  • establish, monitor and engage local area staff gender equity action plans
  • foster the inclusion of staff and students who identify as LGBTIQ through oversight of the University’s Ally Network and development of appropriate policy
  • engage with and monitor the activities of Gender Equity & Diversity Committees in each faculty as these pertain specifically to staff gender equity
  • make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor and President through the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive on matters relating to the committee’s terms of reference.