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South Australian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research (SACGER)
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

South Australian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research

The South Australian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research (SACGER), a part of the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources, researches enhanced (engineered) geothermal systems and power systems to improve the economic and environmental delivery of geothermal energy. This research offers widespread benefits for industry, the community and the environment.

SACGER is part of the Geothermal Research Initiative which is a nationwide sharing of geothermal expertise designed to bring Australia to the forefront of non-conventional geothermal energy research.

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Who does SACGER work with?

SACGER works actively with industry to improve performance, gain greater understanding of scientific principles and offer insights on improving costs. Businesses can engage with SACGER in a range of opportunities including specific project collaboration, consultancy, partnership and collaboration involving leveraging government funds.

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SACGER Highlights

Since establishing mid 2010, SACGER has been awarded funding to work on:

  • High performance electron microprobe analyser optimised for the microanalysis of sulphides and heavy elements.
  • Stochastic modelling of fractures in crystalline rock masses for hot dry rock enhanced geothermal systems.
  • Developing world-class trace element micro-analytical imaging facilities for South Australia through key analytical infrastructure advances.

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