Stacey’s story: Passion for psychology and perseverance

Stacey, Student Emergency Fund recipient

Not all university students have the financial support of their family, a job or a scholarship during one of the most stressful times of their lives. Lucky for Stacey, the University of Adelaide’s Student Emergency Fund has made all the difference. 

As a single parent and full-time carer of a young son with disabilities, Stacey is unable to undertake paid work while she studies a PhD in Psychology. She was overwhelmed with gratitude and relief when she received a Student Emergency grant.

“Early in my studies, for my and my son’s safety we left a domestic violence situation and started our lives over. This has continued to impact our lives and increased the daily pressures and stress that have affected my ability to continue studying,” Stacey said.

With the encouragement of her PhD Supervisor, Stacey applied for and received emergency funding from the University, enabled by generous donors who support the program. 

“This was a lifeline and provided vital support that changed my life.” 

I am extremely grateful to receive the Student Emergency Fund grant, and to be able to have the opportunity to continue my education.Stacey

A bright future

Before attending the University of Adelaide, Stacey worked for ten years in hairdressing, and knows all too well about the client-hairdresser dynamic. 

Her career goal is to be able to combine her industry knowledge with her psychology and counselling skills to be able to support hairdressers.

“I hope to be able to create training modules for hairdressers to better cope with the disclosures they hear from their clients,” Stacey said.

Thanks to the support she’s received, Stacey is determined to continue to excel in her studies irrespective of the hurdles she’s had to jump. 

Signalling her passion for her research area, Stacey was invited to be a guest speaker at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions in November and has already had her research published in a peer-reviewed industry publication.

A message for our donor community

Thank you to all the donors that make the Student Emergency Fund possible to help students like myself who struggle financially. The University of Adelaide is significant to me in so many ways, it is a safe place and has given me the tools to create a better life for my son.Stacey
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