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Dr Kathryn Grocke, 2010 Augustus Short recipient

In 2010, Dr Kathryn Grocke received a scholarship to study a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

Kathryn is testament to the life-changing impact the scholarship has on students in need, many of whom are now contributing to our community as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, veterinarians, medical researchers and more.

"I consider myself so lucky to be a past recipient of the Augustus Short Scholarship as it supported me to study a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at the University of Adelaide, allowing me to explore opportunities that would have never been possible without financial support," Kathryn said.

Receiving this scholarship transformed my experience as a student and the trajectory of my life and career as a doctor.Dr Kathryn Grocke

"Growing up with younger, adventurous, and sometimes accident-prone brothers, I remember spending a lot of time at the local emergency department and clinic, seeing sutures in skin, casts on broken bones and dressings to burns, bumps and bruises. These early experiences of community-based care from local GPs and nurses sparked my interest in caring for the injured and sick in rural communities."

"Although I loved studying and worked hard at school, medicine seemed unattainable – I never thought I would pass the trio of school marks, an entry exam and an interview in the city. I applied anyway and couldn’t believe it when I received an offer to study at the University of Adelaide. At the time of receiving this exciting offer, however, successive years of drought and adverse weather conditions had significant negative effects on my family’s farm, income and health, and I needed to take a year off between high school and university to work and save money."

"My proud and supportive parents didn’t know a lot about studying at university, but ensured that we grew up with a strong work ethic and an appreciation of learning."

"Although they did not have the financial means to support us at university, they always encouraged my brothers and I to pursue, and make the most of opportunities in life," she said.

Dr Kathryn Grocke, 2010 Augustus Short recipient

Dr Kathryn Grocke visiting her family farm in January 2020

Mum and I both shed tears of joy and relief upon learning that my move to the city and medical studies would be made possible through the Augustus Short Scholarship.Dr Kathryn Grocke

"The scholarship went towards my accommodation at a residential college. This gave me an Adelaide home with like-minded students, mostly from country areas, many also first in their family to study at university. Here I also found work as a residential and academic tutor which helped cover extra expenses. This scholarship allowed me to concentrate on my studies without the additional stress of juggling multiple casual jobs, unexpected bills or unstable accommodation arrangements. It meant I could focus on the important things," she said. 

"Completing my University of Adelaide degree at the end of 2015, I accepted a position to intern at the Alice Springs Hospital in the Northern Territory. Here I worked as a junior doctor for two and a half years, spending clinical time with kids, in the emergency department and on the wards, learning more clinically and about culture and social determinants of health."

"I have undertaken specialist training in general practice in the last two years, including the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress in Alice Springs, a remote clinic based on the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin, and finally a GP clinic in Alice Springs."

"At the start of this year I was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; I am now undertaking a year of advanced rural training in anaesthetics back at Alice Springs Hospital. On completing this training at the end of 2020, I will have specialist skills in perioperative and emergency airway management and can be accredited as a GP anaesthetist," Dr Kathryn Grocke said.

A message for our donor community

I’m so grateful to all Augustus Short Scholarship donors, not just for the support I personally received, and the unbelievable career and life it has supported in the last decade, but for all students whose lives and careers have been transformed as a result of the scholarship program. 
To the past, present and future donors, thank you for the opportunities you made possible through your support.Dr Kathryn Grocke
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