International students and Global Engagement

Global Engagement has developed a number of initiatives to help support international students engage with the University and benefit from our alumni and community networks.

Global Adelaide

Global Adelaide was launched in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact of Government restrictions on students' ability to enjoy and explore our beautiful Adelaide campuses and our unique South Australian environment. Since then, Global Adelaide has become a valuable resource for international students, both onshore and offshore, to access social, academic, financial, and wellbeing resources with one click.

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English Language Centre

The English Language Centre offers a range of General and Academic English language programs, study tour programs and English teacher training services (TESOL) for international students and visiting groups.

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Alumni connection

Our alumni programs support students in connecting with our distinguished alumni from around the world, and provide insights that can help students position themselves for success in their future careers.

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International student stories

The University's international students join us from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Our student stories help us all stay connected, and recognise the differences and similarities between us as a University community.

Featured stories

International Student Story - Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini (PhD student, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences) tells us about what lead him to research, and what he's achieved during his time in Adelaide.

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International Student Story - Prakriti Nanda

Prakriti Nanda (Master of Applied Project Management) tells us about her life in Adelaide and new hobbies she's picked up during COVID-19 restrictions. 

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International Student Story - Sothea Sao

Sothea Sao (Master of Global Good and Agricultural Business) reflects on her time at the University of Adelaide and what she aspires to do once she has graduated.

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International Student Story - Gaurav Naik

Gaurav Naik (Master of Construction Management) reflects on his time in Adelaide so far and what he's learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic. 



#InThisTogether story - Kitty

After helping her teenage son settle into high school life in Adelaide, Kitty fell in love with the idea of studying here herself. She had no idea her move to study for her Master of Education at the University of Adelaide would coincide with the start of a global pandemic. 



International student story - Siddhi Nakashe

As students begin to return to campus in Semester 2 2020, international student Siddhi Nakashe reflected on how she found Semester 1 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.