Analysing the South Australian live music industry from a Sectoral Systems of Innovation perspective to identify potential opportunity spaces


The South Australian live music industry is concentrated in and around Adelaide. There is a lack of audience for local talent and platforms for showcasing events and live gigs. Even though Adelaide is recognised as a UNESCO City of Music, artists and musicians tend to migrate to Melbourne or overseas for better opportunities. There is considerable investment from the state government in the music industry for growth and promotion of local talent. This project was undertaken for the Music Development office of the Department of State Development to identify potential opportunity spaces for South Australian live music industry.

Project objectives

  • Analyse the South Australian music industry using the sectoral systems of innovation approach
  • Consult with concerned stakeholders including a collective of artists, venue owners and policy makers on the drivers and constraints of the industry
  • Identify and recommend strategies and policies to support development of sustainable and profitable live music industry in South Australia

Project materials

Presentation: Using the Sectoral System of Innovation approach in the SA music industry

Project partners

Collaborating institutions:


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