Our Agribusiness programs are suited to students with professional experience who are interested in focussing on the business and management side of the agri-industry.

Craig Johns, Associate Director - Agribusiness

Craig Johns, Associate Director

The Master of Agribusiness program has been designed to create future leaders who have the knowledge and critical thinking capacity to make significant impacts to the agricultural value chain.

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Who is it for?

The Master of Agribusiness has been created for individuals who have industry experience and are interested in focusing their careers on the business and management side of the agri-industry.

With growing global populations and climate challenges impacting our ability to feed the world sustainably, the Master of Agribusiness prepares you to meet these challenges, and equips you for leadership and problem-solving in an ever-expanding and increasingly complex global marketplace.

Where will this take you?

The agribusiness value chain is one of Australia’s largest and most important industry sectors and is forecasted to continue providing positive labour outlooks for years to come, with as many as five agri-business job openings per graduate in recent years and favourable employability outcomes existing in the local, national, and global value chain networks.

Key employment areas include: food retailers, processors, traders, and producers, as well as a full range of service providers including financial agencies, and agricultural consultancies.

What will you learn?

The Master of Agribusiness will help you to refine the practical research, advisory, and business skills necessary for a successful career in food and agricultural related industries.

Key teachings include:

  • Developing management skills and an understanding of the global agrifood sector.
  • Analysing performance issues surrounding agriculture and food value chains.
  • Building the necessary knowledge and abilities to influence both industry and governmental policies.

You may also have the option to undertake an internship with leading Agribusiness companies, requiring you to solve practical business problems by utilising the knowledge and skillsets you have developed across the program.

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Giancarlo Cassinelli

Giancarlo Cassinelli, Master of Agribusiness

The Master of Agribusiness program at The University of Adelaide was a great mix for me, it allowed me to develop skills that will be of tremendous help for my career and future endeavours. It also exposed to all of the interesting things happening in the start-up space here specially around the Agtech and food processing. I had the opportunity to travel to amazing places, make excellent friends and enjoy some beautiful wines.