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Kansai University


Kansai University, or Kandai, is a private non-sectarian and co-educational university located in Suita, Osaka, Japan

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Osaka (大阪) is a city in the Kansai region of Japan's main island of Honshu. Historically the commercial center of Japan, Osaka functions as one of the command centers for the Japanese economy. The ratio between daytime and night time population is 141%, the highest in Japan, highlighting its status as an economic center.

Kansai University offers seven faculties in its undergraduate day school and five faculties (Engineering and Informatics being the exceptions) in its undergraduate evening school; it also offers graduate studies in all seven faculties, plus the independent graduate school staffed by members of its Institute of Foreign Language Education and Research. The university, with its attached senior and junior high schools and kindergarten, has a total student body of 30,000. In 2006, Kansai University celebrated the 120th anniversary of its foundation.

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Language of Instruction: Japanese and English. Japanese language proficiency is not a requirement. However, some language knowledge is required.

Japanese Language courses are mainly conducted in Japanese. Japanese Studies courses are conducted in English. Kansai University Global Frontier curriculum is taught entirely in English and offers various subjects to both Japanese and international students, including exchange students. Most of the regular courses are conducted in Japanese.

Exchange students are welcome to take courses for regular full-time students if they are proficient in the Japanese language.

Japanese language classes are offered at 6 different levels, from beginners to advanced.

Course Load: For undergraduate students (per semester): 7 (10.5 hrs) slots are required to register per week. For graduate students, there are no such requirements.

Academic information can be found in the Course CatalogueLink to external website (in Japanese).

For a list of available areas for study, see the International Admissions Guidelines.Link to external website

Information about the Kansai University Global Frontier program and courses offered in English can be found in the Course Guide.Link to external website

Average credit: The total in-class contact hours comes to 22. 5 hours per course. Kansai recommend that this equal between 2 and 3 credits.

Disciplines Available: Most regular courses are open to exchange students, if their Japanese proficiency level is sufficient. Faculty members at Division of International Affairs will advise each exchange student on their selection. Seminars, laboratory experiments and language courses in regular courses are not open to exchange students.

Please note: Students seeking credit for Japanese language study while on exchange should see the Faculty of Arts eligibility requirements.

Important information for Postgraduate students: Kansai will decide admission on a case-by-case basis and the ability to find a suitable instructor. If no instructor is available in English, students will need to demonstrate Japanese language proficiency.

Kansai has three student dormitories that are available to international students: Kansai University International Dormitory, Student House "Shurei-ryo" (male dormitory), and Dormitory "Tsukigaoka" (female dormitory). Students wishing to find other off-campus accommodation will need to indicate this in their application. For more information, see the Dormitories and Housing Guide.Link to external website

One of the most important features of student life at Kansai is participation in extra-curricular clubs. Kansai offers clubs in culture and music, martial arts and wide-ranging sports. For information about student life and campus services, see the Student Service Directory.Link to external website

Kansai further hosts several peer communities that are designed to support international students. For more information, check out the International Exchange on Campus pageLink to external website.

Health Insurance: All exchange students should purchase Japanese National Health Insurance for the duration of their time in Japan. Before arriving in Japan, all exchange students are required to purchase overseas travel insurance coverage that includes liability.

Academic Calendar:
Spring Semester: Early April until late July
Fall Semester: Late September until late January

Visa Information: The Global Learning office is not legally permitted to provide advice relating to visas. For further information, contact the relevant embassy or consulate. Please do not ask the Global Learning office to assist with your visa application. We recommend that you go to the Smart Traveller websiteLink to external website  for links to your appropriate Consulate or Embassy.

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What do our students say?

Disclaimer: This information is based on recently polled students who attended this particular university on exchange in 2016. Please note that this information is based on individual student opinions and does not constitute Global Learning advice. Each student will have a unique exchange experience.

The Host

  • 100% of our students would recommend the Kansai University to other students
  • On average, Kansai's service and support is rated stars (4/5)
Social Life
  • 100% of our students rate the social life at Kansai as 'raging'
  • Student Tip: Join the dormitory events and university club activities 
Academic Life
  • 100% of our students agreed that the quality of kansai's courses compared satisfactorily to Adelaide's courses
  • Student Tip: Workload is slightly lighter
  • Student Tip: Seminar based courses
  • Our students stayed in off campus accommodation
  • Student Tip: Off campus accommodation is accessible by bike or train 


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