Sexy Combo demo page

The combobox below is a very basic example of using Sexy Combo.

The next combobox makes use of emptyText configuration option, which allows you to specify which text will be displayed in the combobox when it has no value.

autoFill configuration option allows us to perform autofilling on the combobox. When the user begin to input value to the combobox, it is autofilled with the first item of the dropdown list.

If triggerSelected configuration option is set to true, the selected value of the selectbox will be initial value of the combo.

The options list can be not only dropdown, but also "drop-up". You can reach this by setting dropUp configuration option to true.

You can pass your own function that performs filtering, i.e. determines which options should appear in the dropdown list. In the combobox below all options are shown in the dropdown list.

Of course you can combine various config options to reach amazing results that fit your own needs.

The combobox below is created without using an existing selectbox. Data for the options is provided in the code directly.

This example is similar to the previous, but we also specify option that will be selected:

Data can be not only a local array, but also a JSON object on the remote server. All you need is to specify the URL of this object. If you want to run this example, the plugin should be put on the web server.

Combos can also be multiple, which means that the user can select more than one value. You can choose any number of the states from the combobox below, separating values with comma.

You can pass a number of callback functions as config options. These functions are called after certain events occur (for example, the dropdown list appears).

All this combos originally looked like: