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University of Adelaide Governance Review

Scope of Work

The recommendations of this review are still under consideration and the final outcomes will be made public.

Review of Council Committees

For each Committee, will consider:

  • Clarity of role and responsibilities (compared to practices in other large / complex organisations)
  • How role and responsibilities are met
  • Skills and expertise to meet roles and responsibilities (membership)
  • Engagement with Executive and Senior Management
  • Effectiveness of support from relevant University branches
  • How the Committee reviews and assesses its own performance
  • Reporting to Council

Also consider, for Committees as a whole:

  • Committee structure and appropriateness for the size and nature of the University

This will be achieved through:

  • Review of Charter / Terms of Reference
  • Review of a annual work plans
  • Review of reporting to Council
  • Interview with Committee Chairs

Committees to be covered by review are:

  • Audit, Compliance & Risk
  • Finance and Infrastructure
  • Academic Board
  • People & Culture
  • Convenors'

The review will not cover the following Committee (as they serve very specific purposes):

  • Council Selection
  • Senior Executive Review
  • Special Degrees

Review of specific areas of University operations that support key aspects of Governance for the Council.

The specific areas to be reviewed include (and only covering the extent of their activity that specifically support the Council or the Chancellor):

  • The Council Secretariat
  • The Office of the Vice-Chancellor
  • External Relations
  • Legal and Risk

The scope of work to be considered will be:

  • Nature and extent of work to support Council
  • Engagement with Chancellor / Council
  • Clarity on role, responsibility and expectations in terms of supporting Council.
  • Capability and expertise to meet the role and responsibilities.

This will be achieved through:

  • Detailed Interview with Branch Head and relevant Executive.
  • Interview with Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor (3 separate interviews)
  • Review of relevant Business Plans / Policies to support these processes.
  • Review of structure and capabilities
  • Review of reports / information provided to Council
Office of the Chancellor and Council Secretariat

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