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Governance : Rules of the University

AuthorityDelegation HolderLimitsReference
Authority to approve amendments to the rules of a prize or scholarship, to assess the merit of the candidates, and/or to select the recipient of such prize or scholarship under any trust or bequest which reserves such authority to the University CouncilVice-Chancellor and PresidentAny changes exercised under this delegation to be reported to the University CouncilApproved by Council 13 February 2017. Instrument of Delegation 1/17 - D2017/33093, HPRM F.2013/6241
Appointment of Selection CommitteeExecutive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences Abbie Memorial Lecture Rules
Authorise delegation of any powers or functions under the 'Rules for Election of Council Members'Council Secretary Rules for Election of Council Members
Office of the Chancellor and Council Secretariat

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