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Election of an Undergraduate Student to the University Council to Fill a Casual Vacancy

At the close of nominations at noon on 26 March 2019, four valid nominations for one vacancy had been received.
Accordingly an election is required. The candidates are:

  1. Anna Kalamkarian
  2. Patrick Kennewell
  3. Aidan Johnson
  4. Alexandra Nichols

Voting opens on 27 March 2019 and will close at 10:00am on 10 April 2019.

Eligible voters are undergraduate students enrolled in a bachelor's degree or a diploma other than a graduate diploma
on Close of Roll Day, 4 March 2019.

Voting in the elections of undergraduate student representatives to the University Council will be via an on-line ballot.
Access to the ballot is available to eligible voters at the University's voting website . Hardcopy ballot papers will not be
mailed to voters. Further information about on-line voting is available here. The Rules for the Election of Council
members can be viewed here.

The views expressed in candidates’ statements are not necessarily those of the University. The University is not
responsible for errors or omissions in candidates’ statements.

Anna Kalamkarian

Anna Kalamkarian

I’m a fourth year Health and Medical Sciences student undertaking honours in the School of Public Health. My passion to improve quality of education has developed from tutoring students with learning difficulties in a high school for three years, and teaching over 60 primary school students a week at a tutoring centre. In 2017, I acted as liaison between committee and 100+ members in my tenure as Communications Manager for the Adelaide University French Club. In 2018, I worked with leaders and counsellors of a school to support the welfare of students with obstacles in their lives. As both tutor and student myself, education and wellbeing is of utmost importance to me. I understand challenges during the learning journey and aim to support all student concerns, no matter how small. I would love to listen to your ideas and act as a strong advocate for your university experience.

Patrick Kennewell

Patrick Kennewell

I am in my fourth year of Medicine following two years studying Law/Commerce, giving me a diverse educational background and understanding of campus life across faculties. I have:

  • Advocacy experience as AUU Board Director and Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Board Representative
  • Financial management skills as Adelaide Medical Students’ Society Treasurer
  • Club management experience as Adelaide University Debating Society Vice-President and Adelaide University Swimming Club Secretary

I’ve previously advocated for increased study space directly with the Vice-Chancellor, with this achieved at the AHMS building this year. I will continue to advocate for:

  • More student study and leisure spaces across all campuses – particularly in the union house redevelopment
  • Our choice to attend lectures in person
  • Smaller tutorial sizes and more class flexibility
  • Increased funding to health and wellbeing services

Vote Patrick Kennewell for experience, reliability and a proven track record of advocacy for student interests across faculties.

Aidan Johnson

Aidan Johnson

I think you should have a say over your University experience, that's why I am running for University Council.  As a former AUU Board director and an active participant in student clubs, I know what it takes to ensure the student voice is at the heart of University decision making.

I will ensure that students are consulted with and communicated with on issues BEFORE decisions are made and will strengthen ties between the university and the student body. This is critical in the context of a new Strategic Plan, the failed University merger, and the RCC on campus.

I will stand up for students from ALL campuses, including Roseworthy, Waite, and AHMS. I know that our University community is strongest when we are all involved in decision making. If you’re looking for a more consultative, more inclusive, more engaging University, vote for me as your student representative.

Alexandra Nichols

Alexandra Nichols

Due to my commitment to contribution and my leadership and communicative skills, I believe I would make a valuable asset as an undergraduate representative to the University of Adelaide Council. I have a keen interest in enhancing the success of the university, and am currently a member of the Arts Advanced Committee, for which I have assisted in implementing structural adjustments to the degree and guiding its future iterations. Moreover, I am a leader for PASS (peer assisted study sessions) at the university, which has enabled me to further develop my proficiency in facilitating engaged and self-motivated student experiences. I would take great pleasure in furthering my involvement within the university community as a Council member, and would strive to strengthen the Council’s role as a platform for innovation and influence.

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