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Academic Board

First established in 1883 as Education Committee, Academic Board (renamed in 1993) is a standing committee of the University Council.

The University of Adelaide Act 1971 provides Council with the power to make statutes or rules constituting and regulating Academic Board and determines that the presiding member of the Academic Board is a member of the Council ex officio. Academic Board is convened by the Vice-Chancellor & President and chaired by a professor of the University elected by the Board from within its own membership.

The Academic Board is responsible for advising Council on matters of academic policy in education, research and research training. In particular it is concerned with the accreditation of the University's academic programs and assessment standards and practices. To assist it in these matters the Board has established a number of sub-committees. Many of these have further sub-committees which focus on specialised areas.

Faculty Boards also report to the Academic Board as well as to the Vice-Chancellor & President.

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