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Offer of Admission


Having received an Offer of Admission from the University of Adelaide.

  • Domestic Applicants

    Offer Package Content:

    1. The Offer of Admission
    2. The Acceptance Form
    3. The Enrolment Form
    Please complete the Acceptance form and email, mail or deliver the form in person to the
    Adelaide Graduate Centre.

  • International Applicants

    Your Offer package contains:

    1. The Offer of Admission (including the Refund Policy) and Acceptance Agreement
    2. The Acceptance Information
    3. Overseas Student Health Cover Information
    4. Accommodation Information

    Understanding your Offer of Admission and Acceptance Agreement

    The information given in your Offer of Admission and Acceptance Agreement is important. Please take some time to read it carefully.

    Note the following information:

    • The Program Name
    • The Duration of Program
    • The Commencement Date
    • The Tuition Fee
    • Acceptance and Payment Deadlines
    • Conditions:
      • If you have a Conditional Offer the conditions are clearly outlined in your Offer of Admission and Acceptance Agreement. Please fulfil all conditions (if any) before accepting your Offer.

    Conditions may include:

    • providing proof of English Language Proficiency (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL or successful completion of the PEP)
    • completion of academic qualifications (e.g. graduation certificates), or
    • provision of official documents (e.g. original or certified copies of your documents).

    Additional Information:

    You need to provide ALL of the following documentation:

    • The Acceptance Agreement: you must sign and complete each page;
    • Photocopy of the personal details section of your passport;
    • Payment for tuition fee deposit and Overseas Student Health Cover
      • The University will accept payment by bank cheque/draft made payable to the “The University of Adelaide”. You should also write your name and application ID number of the back of the bank draft/cheque and include the payment form.
      • The University will also accept payment made by credit card – MasterCard, Visa and American Express only. Please ensure that you have adequate funds available and that your credit limit will cover the payment. The University will not issue your COE until your payment has been cleared.
      • A Financial Guarantee statement as evidence of adequate sponsorship by a recognised University sponsor.
      • Evidence of your acceptance of a University of Adelaide scholarship.
    • Payment for Pre-Enrolment English Program, if applicable; and
    • Evidence that you have met all of the conditions of your offer.

    The University will not accept payment by direct bank transfer or Telegraphic transfer.

    Please see above for acceptable methods of payment.

    Credit card limit exceeded.

    Some students intend to pay the tuition fee deposit and Overseas Student Health Cover using their credit card. This usually requires a deposit of extra funds into the credit card account. While this is possible, you MUST make contact with your bank to ensure they will release the funds.

    Financial Guarantees

    Students funded by a University approved sponsor are required to provide a Financial Guarantee Statement upon accepting their offer of admission. Statements must clearly provide details of the sponsorship arrangement and include the following:

    • Student’s full name and date of birth
    • Full tuition for the duration of the Postgraduate Research Program and Academic English Program where applicable
    • An adequate stipend equivalent to the RTPS rate, quoted in Australian dollars
    • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of the Student Visa
    • Intake (Semester 1 or 2) and date of commencement
    • Billing information for invoicing, including contact details for enquiries

    For further information please refer to the Student Finance Sponsored website.

  • Extensions to Deadlines

    Acceptance and Payment deadline is approaching and candidate has not yet received a Visa. Is an extension to the deadline possible?

    The University is flexible about most Acceptance and Payment deadlines.

    When requesting an extension please ensure that you specify a date that leaves you with sufficient time to have your Confirmation of Enrolment issued, to obtain your student visa and to arrive in Adelaide by the new commencement date.

    Your agent or nearest Australian Embassy will be in the best position to provide you with information about visa processing times.

    If you are unable to arrive by the commencement date on your Offer of Admission, it may be possible to commence later with supervisor approval. Please be sure to clearly indicate the late arrival date on your Offer Acceptance Agreement and attach written approval from your principal supervisor, so that an accurate date can be included on your CoE and on your OSHC policy.

    If you have already accepted your offer and received your CoE, but are unable to arrive by the commencement date on your Offer of Admission, please confirm your late arrival date as soon as possible.  Depending on how late you arrive, you may need a Late Arrival Confirmation letter or a revised CoE.

    Students who arrive late may be required to complete the Induction and Integrated Bridging programs in subsequent sessions.

  • Documentation

    Does the University accept online results of my prior education?

    The University cannot accept unofficial results. You will need to find out from your institution when your official results can be issued and then request an extension to your Acceptance and Payment deadline if necessary. While the University can be flexible about most Acceptance and Payment deadlines we cannot process Acceptance paperwork and issue Confirmation of Enrolments (CoE) while conditions are outstanding.

    What is a certified copy?

    A certified copy is a hard copy of an original document which bears an original stamp showing the name of the person or organisation who has verified the document. Please refer to the Certified Documents page for more detailed information.

    Can scanned document be submitted?

    The University of Adelaide will accept a scanned or faxed copy of a document from official agents of the University of Adelaide providing the document has been certified by the agent and the certification includes:

    • a statement of certification in English that states “This is a true copy of the original document”, or “Original sighted”
    • signature of authorised person
    • name of authorised person
    • agency name on an official stamp.
  • Visa Issues

    Simplified Student Visa Framework

    From 1 July 2016, the Australian Government will implement a number of changes to student visa processes, including the introduction of a simplified student visa framework. Under this framework, all international students will now apply for a single Student Visa (Subclass 500) and generally be required to apply for their visa online.  This may be done with the assistance of your University of Adelaide agent or representative or if you are a private applicant, you will need to visit to create an ImmiAccount.  If you wish to learn more about these changes, please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website at

  • The Orientation Program for International Students

    Can a candidate commence their studies if they cannot arrive on time to join the program?

    We strongly encourage all international students to arrive on time to participate in the Orientation Program. As well as providing you with a good opportunity to meet fellow students, it will provide you with useful information about Adelaide, the University campus, your student visa, enrolment procedures and other University services. There is also some evidence to indicate that students who attend orientation achieve better academic results than those who do not attend orientation.


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