Prospective Students

Frequently asked questions for prospective HDR students

  • How do I contact the AGC?

    Update 18/11/20:
    While the AGC will continue to provide a full service to HDR students and University staff, our team is now working from home until further notice.

    • For all general enquiries please email or call the AGC on 8313 5882 (Ext 35882).
    • Please also refer to email addresses listed in FAQ responses below.
    • Please do not send hard copy forms to the AGC via internal mail, or through the postal system.

    We will be continuing to update the FAQs with responses to common questions, so please check back here on a regular basis.

  • How do I contact the Admissions Team?

    Please email all enquiries to

  • I’ve accepted my Offer of Admission and am ready to enrol but I can’t bring my hardcopy original documents or hardcopy original certifications to the Graduate Centre. What do I do?

    As the enrolment process is online, you will be able to enrol without completing this step in the acceptance process. However, you should retain your documentation as the University may request hardcopy originals for sighting at any time during candidature.

  • I can’t commence my program by the deadline listed in my offer of admission or scholarship offer – can I defer commencement?

    If you have already accepted your offer of admission and scholarship, you can request a deferral of your commencement date by sending an email to if you are a domestic student, or if you are an international student.  It is recommended that you contact your principal supervisor in the first instance as written approval will be required. If you have been awarded a scholarship by an external funding body, it may not be possible to defer your award and students are encouraged to contact their principal supervisor and sponsor prior to requesting deferment.

  • I’m an international student and can’t physically travel to Adelaide to commence my studies. Can I commence my studies remotely?

    Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis under the following arrangements and conditions:

    1. The applicant is subject to the standard admission criteria of the University, including English Language Proficiency requirements.
    2. The applicant holds a current Student Visa.
    3. There is a complete supervisory panel supporting the student’s candidature (including a local Principal Supervisor and a Co- or External Supervisor as a minimum).
    4. Projects that might have potential Defence and Strategic Goods List implications must be approved by the Office of the Chief Security Officer.
    5. The maximum period of offshore candidature before the candidate arrives in Adelaide is 9 months (but subject to extension if Australian Government restrictions require a longer period offshore).
    6. Candidates and supervisors commit to a research plan that provides for the candidate to remain offshore for a flexible period of up to 9 months.
    7. The candidate and Principal Supervisor will meet electronically at least once every two weeks while the candidate is offshore.
    8. At milestones of 3 months, 6 months and 9 months (if offshore for a longer period) after commencement, the candidate, supervisors and Postgraduate Coordinator must certify to the Adelaide Graduate Centre (AGC) that the candidate is making adequate progress against the research plan. Failure to do so will trigger an immediate review of candidature by AGC.
    9. Standard total candidature length applies (for a PhD, three years with availability of an extension up to four years), including the initial period spent offshore.
    10. For candidates who are awarded a University of Adelaide scholarship:
      1. There will be no scholarship payment while the candidate remains offshore.
      2. When the candidate arrives onshore, they will receive a scholarship payment back-paid to their date of commencement, up to a maximum of 6 months.
      3.  From that date normal scholarship payments will be made for a further period of up to 3 years, or until the end of candidature, whichever is earlier.
      4.  A scholarship extension will be available subject to the usual justification and assessment processes, but only to a total period of three and a half years, including the amount back-paid on arrival.