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Intellectual Property

The general principle is that students are not employees of the University and in the absence of a contract or agreement to the contrary, you own the intellectual property (IP) generated by your research. However, there are two classes of IP where the general principle does not apply and where the University claims ownership of such IP from the outset through an assignment of the relevant IP.

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Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property Guidelines

Applying for Embargo

If you, your supervisor(s) or your sponsor(s) wish to apply to restrict public access to your thesis, this can be achieved by applying for an embargo using the form below and submitting it to the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

Restricting Public Access to your Thesis

Embargo Application Form

Removal of Embargo

Before a request to remove an embargo over your thesis can be considered, ALL of your supervisors AND your sponsor (if applicable) must complete, sign and lodge “Removal of Embargo” form with the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

Removal of Embargo by Sponsor

Removal of Embargo by Supervisor


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