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The Administration of Higher Degree by Research

Please note. This content is from the 2018 Research Student Handbook and should only be used as a guide. Please refer to the 2019 Research Student Handbook PDF for current information.

The overarching decision making body on all academic matters is the University Academic Board. Underneath the Board sit a number of key committees which undertake much of the routine work of the Board and present recommendations to it for consideration.

Of these, the University Research Committee (URC) chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Vice-President (DVC&VP(R)) provides an interactive forum for discussing, developing, implementing and disseminating positions on research and research training. The URC has a series of sub-committees charged with specific responsibilities.

The Research Education and Development Committee (REDC) is a sub-committee of the URC and the key body responsible for addressing policy and academic matters relating to research training and higher degree by research (HDR) students. REDC in turn devolves routine administrative matters to the Adelaide Graduate Centre and executive authority to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Governance of Higher Degree by Research Matters at the University of Adelaide

Two other important matters are devolved to the Student Matters Sub-committee (SMS) of REDC. These are the determination of examination outcomes where examiners opinions diverge, and the resolution of complaints as specified under the University’s student grievance resolution process.

The awarding of scholarships both domestic and international is approved executively by the DVC&VP(R), on behalf of URC, on recommendation from the Graduate Scholarships Committee.

Understanding the structure of the academic administration of HDR students is important as it clearly enables students to identify in which venue particular issues should be addressed. It also explains the administrative role of the Adelaide Graduate Centre within the Division of the DVC&VP(R) (Research Division). Details of various committees and their functions will be further discussed elsewhere in this handbook.


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