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Employment and Other Commitments During Full-time Candidature

If you enrol as a full-time candidate, you are expected to devote the majority of your time to your research program and to ensure that any work or activities you undertake that are unrelated, or peripherally related to your research project will not impede the progress of your research.

Full time research candidates are expected to keep the same hours as a member of University staff, (nominally, 36.75 hours per week). The University recommends full-time candidates limit work/activity unrelated to their research project to eight hours per week.

If you are a doctoral student, you will need to complete within 3 to 3.5 years to achieve a timely completion and if you are a master by research student, within 1.5 to 2 years.  In order to achieve this goal and to maintain your work-life balance, you will need to carefully consider your commitment to activities outside of your research.

These activities may be paid or unpaid and include those that could be considered professional development opportunities, such as:

  • avenues of research which, whilst interesting, are not necessary for you to complete in order to meet the required standard for your qualification;
  • laboratory tasks for the research group or supervisor, rather than your own research;
  • demonstrating, tutoring, lecturing and course coordination;
  • attending lectures to facilitate demonstrating, tutoring, lecturing and course coordination; and
  • paid employment.

The University recommends that research students do not undertake any employment commitments and in particular, tutorial teaching, prior to completion of the core component of the structured program (six months from candidature commencement for full-time students).

Keep in mind your goal of completing your doctorate or master degree as soon as possible and don’t be afraid to remind your supervisors too!

Scholarship holders

As a scholarship holder, it is recommended that not more than eight hours of employment per week is undertaken. There is no limit on the amount that you can earn for employment that is not directly related to the research that you are undertaking. However, if your employment is directly related to your research in any way, the maximum earnings allowed will be up to 75% of the value of your (major) scholarship award. Outside of normal working hours, there is no restriction on the number of hours of paid employment that may be undertaken, providing that your supervisor is satisfied that it will not interfere with your progress.

Scholarship holders who are interested in undertaking employment (paid or voluntary) within the above time restriction need to advise the Adelaide Graduate Centre before commencing work.

International students

Following commencement of your program, all research students with work rights are entitled to work an unlimited number of hours.  However, regardless of the work rights attached to your student visa, it is important to note that international students are expected to study full-time (37 hours per week).  You will need to ensure that any work commitments do not interfere with the progress of your research and your ability to complete your degree within the required time-frame; consequently, no more than eight hours of work during the week is recommended.


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