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Should I Study as an Internal Student or Apply for Remote Candidature?

It is recommended that where possible, you study internally to better immerse yourself in the rich research environment that the University of Adelaide provides. Communication with your supervisors, access to University resources and peer support are more readily available to internal students and help is quickly available if you are experiencing difficulties with your research.

Remote candidature is really intended for students who, for academic reasons, wish to pursue most or all of their research remote from the University.

Applications for remote candidature will be carefully considered by the Research Education & Development Committee and approval will only be granted where the University is satisfied that the arrangements for the provision of external supervision, facilities and resources are adequate.

If a remote candidature is approved, you will normally be required to study internally until after you have completed the core component of the structured program, by which time you will have developed your research proposal to the satisfaction of your School of enrolment and (normally) have attended the compulsory Graduate Centre and local induction programs.

In addition to the external supervisor(s) appointed to guide the research of remote candidates, a University of Adelaide staff member (or affiliate) will be appointed as the principal supervisor.

Further information about remote candidature is available on the application form and accompanying guidelines. These documents are available from the Adelaide Graduate Centre via download.

International Students

As an international remote student, you will be required to pay tuition fees at the full internal rate for any periods of time that you are studying within Australia. Fees are charged at 50% of the applicable full-time or half-time rate whilst you are studying remotely outside Australia.


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