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Applicants who have been made an offer of a place in a higher degree by research program at the University of Adelaide will be forwarded a personalised enrolment form, with instructions on how to complete it, by the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

After completing the required information on the front and back of the enrolment form, you will need to take the form to your School where the remaining details will be completed by your principal supervisor and head of school or postgraduate coordinator. The form should then be returned to the Adelaide Graduate Centre prior to the date nominated as the commencement date of candidature.

The instructions are also available online.

Processing of the enrolment form is undertaken by the Adelaide Graduate Centre and is normally completed within one week of receipt of the form. However, you should be aware that there may be a delay if enrolment is undertaken during the early part of the year when enrolment for many other students is also in progress.

An incorrectly completed form or missing information can cause delays in the processing of enrolments, so it is important that you obtain all the required information and signatures before lodging your enrolment form with the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

Following processing of your enrolment form, the Adelaide Graduate Centre will send you a letter confirming the details of your candidature and specifying the due dates of the various milestones you will be required to complete. An 'authority to collect a University identification card' (purple slip), and a 'PIN number' will also be included with your enrolment confirmation letter. The purple slip, when presented at the Card Centre, will authorise the issue of your Student card and the PIN number will enable you to access IT services including your student email and Access Adelaide.


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