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Insurance and Confidentiality

The University provides all research students who have an active enrolment, with the following insurance cover, for approved activities and travel:

  • Personal Accident Insurance,
  • Travel Insurance,
  • Public Liability,
  • Professional Indemnity,
  • Directors and Officers Liability.

If you take leave of absence, you are not insured by the University during the period of leave and you may not access any University facilities (including laboratories and libraries) or supervision until you resume your candidature.

It is important to note that under the conditions of the University's insurance policy, the University is obliged to advise the insurer of any 'Notifiable Events', namely any incident or episode that results in, or has potential for, financial loss, damage to property, injury to persons or damage to reputation. In practice this means that if, for example, you were to advise a University staff member that you planned to initiate legal proceedings against the University or to contact the media with a negative story about the University, or to damage University property, the staff member would be obliged to inform the insurer.

Consequently, whilst you can normally expect to be able to have a confidential discussion about problems, issues and their solutions with your supervisor(s), Postgraduate Coordinator, head of school, the Dean of Graduate Studies and others, it is important to be aware that in very limited circumstances, as highlighted above, absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Having said this, you can be assured that the Insurer is required to maintain the confidentiality of any information presented under the Insurance Act.

If you have concerns about confidentiality, please discuss them with the staff member concerned at the beginning of your discussion(s).

Further information about insurance is available in Appendix 3.


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