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From the time of commencing your candidature until your degree is awarded or your program discontinued, you will have a panel of supervisors comprising a principal and at least one co- or external supervisor, appointed by the head of school.

The number of supervisors on your panel will not exceed three in total. The number of supervisors on your panel will not exceed three in total.

All supervisors will be on the University's register in accordance with the Supervisor Register Policy. To ensure that you have continuity of access to expert academic advice, instruction and assistance throughout your candidature, changes to the supervisory panel (particularly the principal supervisor) are discouraged. However, additional supervisors may be added to the panel to reflect changes in the direction of your research. More rarely, the composition of your supervisory panel can be modified to accommodate staff departures, absences (exceeding one month) and irresolvable personality conflicts.

Any changes to the supervisory panel must first be discussed with all parties involved in the supervision process to ensure that each is satisfied with the proposed arrangement and then, approved by the head of school. In rare circumstances where there is disagreement about the composition of the supervisory panel, the head of school, who has the responsibility for ensuring appropriate supervision arrangements are in place may, in the best interests of the student, overrule the wishes of any of the parties involved, provided that the new supervisory arrangement remains consistent with University policy


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