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The Postgraduate Coordinator

After your supervisors, the postgraduate coordinator (PGC) is likely to be your most important source of support. He or she is responsible for overseeing the work of all postgraduate research students within the School. As you progress through your candidature, you should get to know the postgraduate coordinator quite well.

The postgraduate coordinator is available to discuss any concerns or problems that you may have with your research, your supervisor(s) or in your personal life and as a senior and generally long standing member of academic staff, is also a useful source of information and career advice.

Another of the PGC's roles is to monitor your progress and to ensure that you complete the required candidature milestones (such as the core component of the structured program and annual review of progress) on time.

Detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of the Postgraduate Coordinator is provided in Appendix 2. The current list of Postgraduate Coordinators is available online.


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