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Candidature Milestones

Please note. This content is from the 2018 Research Student Handbook and should only be used as a guide. Please refer to the 2019 Research Student Handbook PDF for current information.

Students should aim to complete the entire research, writing up and examination process within candidature. There are several formal Candidature Milestones (milestones) which you will have to meet. These help you manage and communicate your progress, and provide a structured forum for your progress to be assessed by the University.

Candidature milestones, hereafter referred to as 'milestones', are specific points during your degree program at which you will be required to complete a task. Through the process of completing the various milestones, you, your School and the University will be able to monitor your progress and ensure that your research is proceeding at a rate that will enable you to complete your research program within the time allocated for the degree.

Pathways for Completion of a Higher Degree by Research for a Full-Time Candidate

The following diagram summarises the timeframes for completion of candidature milestones for full-time students commencing in 2018. Further information about what each milestone involves is provided on the Provisional Candidature and Confirmed Candidature Requirements pages.

Half-Time Students

If you are a half-time student, please double the indicated timeframes for the core component and major review of progress and the submission and completion timeframes. All other due dates remain unchanged.

Remote Students

For simplicity, the minor review of progress milestone, which remote students are required to complete on the 15th April each year following confirmation, has not been shown on the diagram.

Doctor of Philosophy

Lifecycle - Doctorate Students Adelaide Graduate Centre Online Induction Start Here Core Component of the Structured Program Major Review of Progress Annual Review of Progress Thesis Submission Thesis Submission

Master by Research

Lifecycle - Masters by Research Students Adelaide Graduate Centre Online Induction Core Component of the Structured Program Annual Review of Progress Major Review of Progress Completion Thesis Submission Start Here

Planning, Communicating and Tracking your Progress

As a student you are required to deliver an updated Gantt chart or a Completion plan as part of the formal review Milestones of your candidature to illustrate the various stages and activities of research in candidature, from commencement to completion. A Gantt chart helps you plan your activities, communicate with your supervisory team and the University, and helps you keep track of your progress.

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