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Provisional Candidature Requirements

Formal acceptance as a higher degree by research candidate is a multi stage process. The first 12 months of candidature (or halftime equivalent) are provisional and during this time, you will undertake a number of milestones.

These are:

  • (international students only) completion of a ‘diagnostic task’ on arrival to determine your appropriate participation level in the Integrated Bridging Program-Research
  • attendance at a local induction program
  • completion of the Adelaide Graduate Centre’s online induction program
  • completion of the core component of the structured program; and
  • completion of the major review of progress.

The number of milestones is greater during the period of provisional candidature than following confirmation, in order to ensure that, irrespective of your discipline, you will receive a comprehensive induction to the facilities, services and professional development opportunities available to you to introduce as much structure as possible into the first 12 months of your research program whilst you are adjusting to what is often a very different study environment and style; and to ensure that you formulate an academically sound and feasible research proposal in the early stages of your candidature.

The integrated bridging program diagnostic task (international students)

Prior to your research commencement date, all international students will be contacted (via email) by the Integrated Bridging Program (IBP-R) administrator about registration for the IBP-R and participation in the orientation and diagnostic task seminar session. Information regarding your academic and research background as well as the results of the diagnostic task, will be used by the IBP-R administration to determine your level of participation in the IBP (full, negotiated, extended or exempt). Further information about the IBP-R program follows later in this Handbook.


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