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Gantt Charts, Completion Plans and Planning your Research

As a student you are required to deliver an updated Gantt chart or a Completion plan as part of the formal review Milestones of your candidature to illustrate the various stages and activities of research in candidature, from commencement to completion. A Gantt chart helps you plan your activities, communicate with your supervisory team and the University, and helps you keep track of your progress.

A Gantt chart is a planning, communication and tracking tool, and is certainly not set in stone. A Gantt chart helps you plan ahead and communicate your plans and progress to your supervisors and review board. Importantly it helps you keep track of progress, allowing you to better understand whether you are on-track as you progress in your research, and if necessary, enabling you to redirect your efforts and take corrective action as early as possible.

Planning for publications and conferences could be incorporated into your chart or plan. While it is desirable that the document is flexible enough to allow for revision of timelines, said flexibility should not be seen as an opportunity to justify numerous changes resulting from a student's lack of progress for reasons that were not beyond his/her control.

Examples of a Gantt chart and Completion Plan are available online.

It is not possible to include charts or plans to cover all student experiences, however it is hoped that the resources provided will be an aid in helping you and your supervisors set appropriate timelines for your candidature.


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