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Re-enrolment is an automatic process provided that you have satisfactorily completed and lodged the annual review of progress by the due date and have no outstanding financial obligations to the University. Clause 4 of Chapter 89 of the Statutes of the University states that a student may not re-enrol unless ‘all outstanding fees and all other financial obligations due to the University have been discharged or arrangements for their discharge have been approved’.

Consequently, it is important that you discharge any financial obligations with the appropriate areas as soon as possible after they are incurred and, at the latest, by 30 November to ensure that your reenrolment for the following year is not jeopardised.

Details of any outstanding financial obligations that you may have and information about where to discharge them are available on Access Adelaide. Log on to Access Adelaide via the Unified Portal

The Adelaide Graduate Centre will notify you in writing if you have not been reenrolled. If the reason you have not been reenrolled is your failure to discharge an outstanding financial obligation, documentary evidence demonstrating the discharge of the obligation, or suitably approved arrangements for the discharge must be provided to the Adelaide Graduate Centre before your reenrolment will be processed.

Renewing your Student ID card

In mid-December, the Adelaide Graduate Centre will re-enrol all research students who have satisfactorily completed their Annual Review and who have discharged any outstanding financial obligations. Once you have been reenrolled you will be able to view your enrolment details on Access Adelaide. If you have not been reenrolled by mid-December and were expecting to be, please contact the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

In order to validate your student ID card for the following year, you will need to present your Student Card to Card Services after your reenrolment has been processed.

Card Services will check to see that you have been reenrolled before authorising the update of your Student card.

Further information about the dates and locations on which you can validate your Student Card at the Card Centre, or alternative venues, is available on the Card Services website.

Remote students may contact Card Services to arrange for a sticker update or replacement card to be posted out.


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