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Study Leave

Study leave is intended for when you wish to undertake fieldwork, research or study towards your research degree whilst located outside the University for a limited period of time, not normally exceeding 12 months in total.

In considering the approval of study leave, factors such as the availability of appropriate supervision, travel costs, subsistence arrangements and means of communication with your University supervisors are taken into account.

An application for study leave before you have completed the core component of the structured program requires both a supporting statement from your principal supervisor and head of school or Postgraduate Coordinator and the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

To apply for a period of study leave, complete the Application for Study Leave form which is available on request or downloaded.

To ensure that you are covered by insurance during the time you are absent from the University, your application for study leave must be lodged with the Adelaide Graduate Centre well in advance of your expected departure date. The Graduate Centre will notify you in writing of the results of your application. It is important to note that approval from the Graduate Centre for your study leave does not exempt you from the requirement to seek approval for travel to a high-risk destination where applicable.

What if my study will take me overseas?

Travel Safety

The University has a robust travel safety system in place for all business and study travel.  The University has partnered with International SOS to offer students medical, safety and security advice, together with referrals and emotional support when travelling or living abroad.

All overseas travel for research purposes (for which you have an approved study leave application from the Graduate Centre) is required to be registered in the in the Global Learning Application System (GLAS) prior to departure: Once you have registered your trip via the instructions in the Global Learning Application System (GLAS), International SOS will send you a welcome letter with further information.  The advisories include important health & safety information.  You will also be registered for email alerts specific to your destination/s. 

Global Learning Travel Grant
A $500 Global Learning Travel Grant, designed to help fund and support students undertaking international education as part of their degree is available to HDR students who enter their approved international study leave into the Global Learning Application System (GLAS) (conditions apply).
Further information is available from the Global Learning funding webpage
or the
Global Learning Office contact webpage

High Risk Travel

Special authorisation is required from the Vice-Chancellor and President for any proposed study leave which will involve travel to a high risk destination for which the DFAT travel advice is ‘reconsider your need to travel’ (level 3 alert) or ‘do not travel’ (level 4 alert). This process assists the University to monitor, manage and, where appropriate, control travel to areas with increased safety risks. The current travel alert levels are available on DFAT’s ‘Smart Traveller’ web site. These are regularly updated and it is important that you check the site and before submitting your study leave application. Where your planned study will involve travel to a high risk destination (DFAT level 3 or 4 alert), you must additionally complete a ‘Request for travel to a high risk destination’ form and obtain approval by the University’s Vice-Chancellor and President before the travel occurs.

In accordance with the University’s travel and entertainment policy, all travel for study/business purposes should be arranged through the University’s preferred travel provider (Campus Travel). Further information is available at: and

The University highly recommends that you register your travel plans with DFAT at the Smart Traveller website.


The University purchases travel insurance for all staff and students travelling interstate or overseas on approved University travel. In general, duration of travel covered is 180 days, however where a period of travel is greater, arrangements for a different category of travel insurance can be made by contacting Legal & Risk. This will incur additional cost.

Where travel is booked through the preferred travel supplier, the traveller can access the services of Customer Care to assist in the management of travel safety. Customer Care provide:

  • Updates on health and security situations across the globe
  • Email advice to travellers including the immunisations required prior to travel, local customs and laws
  • An online tool that enables the University (Health, Safety and Wellbeing) to quickly determine the location and contact details of University travellers

Please note: Customer Care is not the University's insurance provider. Travellers needing emergency assistance (as opposed to travel advice) should contact ACE Emergency Assistance reverse charges on +61 2 8907 5995.

For further information and advice, refer to:

International Students

You should be aware that:

  • The University of Adelaide is required to abide by the Commonwealth of Australia's sanction laws which include United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanction regimes and Australian autonomous sanction regimes. Therefore, if you are a citizen of a country where there is prohibition on providing a 'sanctioned service' your proposed study leave may need to be forwarded to DFAT for consideration. In this event, notification of the decision on your study leave application will take some time.
  • To avoid delays in the approval of your study leave application, particularly if you are a citizen of a country that is subject to sanctions, you must lodge your application well in advance of your proposed travel and prior to making any travel arrangements; a minimum of 15 working days is recommended.
  • The Adelaide Graduate Centre may contact your principal supervisor for further details of your proposed off-site research activity

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