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Suspension of Candidature

Your candidature and any scholarship payments will be suspended if you do not comply with any formal requirement of your candidature. If you are an international student, failure to comply with any formal requirements of your candidature will likely result in the cancelation of your student visa.

Examples on non-compliance:

  1. failing to undertake a required review of progress by the due date or extended due date
  2. failing to respond to any University correspondence sent to your nominated mailing address or campus email address within two months of the requested date of response
  3. taking leave of absence without approval (suspension will be immediate on receipt of notification by the Adelaide Graduate Centre)
  4. failing to return from leave of absence on the expected date
  5. failing to notify the Adelaide Graduate Centre of your return from leave of absence within two weeks of your return, or
  6. non-payment of University fees and charges without making arrangements with the relevant area to discharge your obligation.

In the event that your candidature is suspended, reinstatement will only be possible with the approval of your School or, in the case of 6 above, with the approval of the relevant area, where the research undertaken prior to suspension remains current and appropriate supervision and resources are available to support your reinstated candidature and where the reason for the suspension has been addressed.

The reason(s) for suspension may be addressed by, (as applicable):

  1. lodging a satisfactorily completed review of progress
  2. responding to the University as requested, with a satisfactory explanation for the lateness of the response
  3. lodging an application for retrospective leave of absence to cover the actual dates of absence from the University
  4. lodging a return from leave of absence form, or
  5. discharging an outstanding financial obligation or entering into a payment plan with the relevant area.

If you have been suspended and do not take action to reinstate your candidature within 12 months from the date of suspension, your candidature will be irrevocably terminated.

International Students

If you are suspended from your research program, the University is required to notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and this is likely to result in the cancellation of your student visa.

Scholarship Holders

If your candidature is reinstated following a period of suspension, any scholarship payments that would have been payable during the period of suspension are forfeited and the expiry date of your scholarship will not be adjusted.


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