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Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

During your candidature, your school will continually assess your performance against the standards required for the degree, to ensure that you have the necessary aptitude, skills, training and support to complete your research program.  By reviewing progress regularly throughout your candidature, the University aims to address any problems or difficulties as quickly as possible at the local level and to foster a supportive research environment in which students can fulfil their academic goals.

You will have regular meetings with your supervisors, in which you and they can discuss your research progress, identify any impediments to progress and progress concerns and how these could be addressed.

In addition you will undergo ‘scheduled’ formal reviews of progress in the form of milestones, including:

  1. The core component of the structured program
  2. The major review of progress
  3. Annual reviews of progress due 31 October each year and
  4. Minor reviews of progress due 15 April each year (remote candidates only).

Some candidates may also complete a pre-submission review.

As your candidature progresses, if, in the academic judgement of your school, there are significant and/or ongoing concerns about your progress and capacity to complete, the following will occur:

Unsatisfactory progress during provisional candidature

Prior to confirmation of candidature, if your progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the school may recommend that candidature be terminated or, if you are a doctoral student, transferred to a master by research. Such a recommendation will normally be made during a scheduled review of progress (e.g. the core component of the structured program or the major review), however, if significant progress issues arise outside of the scheduled reviews, the school is authorised to initiate a formal review of progress at any time in accordance with the procedures outlined in this Handbook).

Where the school recommends termination of candidature following a review of progress and this recommendation is upheld by the University, your candidature and any scholarship payments will be discontinued.

During the major review of progress, if the school recommends the extension of provisional candidature, you will be granted the opportunity to demonstrate that you can improve your performance to a satisfactory level through the completion of an agreed set of tasks over (typically) a three month period. At the end of the period, the school will undertake a final assessment of your progress in the form of an extended major review, leading to the following possible outcomes: confirmation of candidature, termination of candidature or (if applicable) transfer to a master by research.

Unsatisfactory progress during confirmed candidature

The confirmation of candidature reflects that for approximately the first year of your enrolment, your supervisors were positive about your potential for successful completion of your research program. Following confirmation, students undertake an annual review of progress each year, however, if significant progress concerns develop, your school may initiate a formal progress review at any time.

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