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Postgraduate Students as Research Grant Recipients

The University recognises the value of students applying for a postgraduate grant-in-aid, as distinct from an independent research project (grant-in-contract), but is concerned that this could detract you from the prime objective of completing your research within the prescribed duration of your candidature. The project emphasis or workload demanded by an externally funded project may compromise or delay your study program.

Several practical problems exist if you were to be accepted as the sole applicant and holder of a grant(s) from an external body, and they include the following:

  • The work to be conducted solely in your name for an external body is not covered for any risk category under the University’s insurance, as the grant is not awarded to a member of University staff. It is also questionable whether insurers would accept such a risk
  • There can be problems in respect of Intellectual Property, notably where there are differences between the granting body and the University in this regard
  • There are also problems relating to financial administration and accountability, especially as most granting bodies will only accept applications from staff of institutions.

For these reasons, the University does not permit students to undertake a ‘grant-in-contract’ in their own right. In the case of a grant-in-aid, it would be in your interest to apply for, and receive, external grant support jointly with your supervisors.


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