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Major Work and Exegesis

In creative disciplines, the thesis submitted for examination may include a major work in the form of exhibition, music composition or performance, literary work or film (volume 1 of the thesis), together with an exegesis (volume 2).

For the PhD, the exegesis should not exceed 20,000 words in the case of a creative or visual work, 10,000-15,000 words in the case of music composition and 15,000 words in the case of music performance.

For the master's degree, the exegesis normally should not exceed 7,500 words. The exegesis should contain a description of the form and presentation of the artistic practice which constitutes the remainder of the thesis and inter alia an analytical commentary and consideration of the work in the broader framework of the discipline and/or repertory. It should demonstrate mastery of the conceptual and scholarly skills associated with higher degree candidature.

The approval of the Research Education & Development Committee for an alternative form and presentation of the thesis must be sought by the time of completion of the core component of the structured program.

Applications should be made on the 'Application to Vary Thesis Format' form and be submitted with your core component after obtaining the endorsement of your supervisors and the postgraduate coordinator or head of school.


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