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Notice of Intention to Submit the Thesis

Candidates are required to give three month's notice of their intention to submit a thesis for examination. This allows time for the examiners to be nominated by your School and their consent to examine the thesis obtained.

Notice is provided on the form 'Notification of Intention to Submit' and must be accompanied by a one page summary of your thesis. The summary will be provided to potential examiners, to assist them in deciding whether or not to accept the invitation to examine the thesis.

On the Notification of Intention to Submit form, Candidates will be asked to decide whether you wish to have your thesis examined under the academic program rules and specifications for thesis in place at the time of your enrolment or the rules in place at the time of your submission.

Where possible, it is recommended that students elect to submit under the current rules and specifications for thesis for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the thesis delivered to examiners is consistent with current national and international expectations of a Doctoral or Master of Philosophy thesis
  • The University has, in general, moved to permit greater flexibility in the format of research theses e.g. PhDs may now be submitted in publication format (containing a mixture of published, submitted and unpublished papers), by creative work and exegesis or in the traditional narrative form, and
  • The yearly revisions to the program rules and specifications for thesis document have resulted in greater clarity of doctoral and Master requirements to students, staff and examiners.

Further information about this important decision, together with current and historical academic program rules for your Faculty are available from the University Calendar.

The Notification of Intention to Submit form is available online.

Note. that if three months or more have elapsed since your expected submission date (as recorded on your notification of intention to submit form), you will need to advise the Graduate Centre of your revised submission date so that examiner availability can be re-confirmed.


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