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The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

The AHEGS is a Commonwealth initiative that has been introduced to assist in both national and international recognition of Australian qualifications and to promote international mobility and professional recognition of graduates.

The Graduation Statement is additional to other documentation such as degree certificates and academic transcripts and is based on nationally agreed specifications approved by the Government. It is intended to provide potential employers and other institutions with a greater understanding of your achievements.

The AHEGS provides a description of the award, which includes your thesis title and a 100 word abstract, a description of the University of Adelaide, a list of the academic achievements relevant to your degree and details of the Australian Higher Education System.  For PhD and Master of Philosophy students who enrol from 2017, the AHEGS will also verify your completion of the Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program.  Background information on the AHEGS.

In order for the University to be able to provide you with an AHEGS at graduation, all Higher Degree by Research students are required to provide a 100-word abstract of their research to be included on their AHEGS.  The abstract must be endorsed by your principal supervisor on behalf of the supervisory panel and should be provided on the “AHEGS Thesis Abstract Collection Template”.

It is important to note that the abstract has a strict maximum limit of 100 words and that the abstract must be provided in plain text with no formatting (e.g. bold, italics), symbols or sub/super-scripts, as these are not recognised by the University’s student information system (PeopleSoft).

The procedure for providing your abstract to the Adelaide Graduate Centre, together with the Abstract Collection Template are available online


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