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Your Right to Object to Potential Examiners

Candidates have the right to identify any person(s) they believe should not be considered to examine their thesis. This does not mean that supervisor are obliged to present the candidate with an exhaustive list of potential examiners, and the onus is on the candidate to raise any objection.

Candidates may exercise this right once only, prior to the commencement of the examination process. Candidates may register their objection on the 'Notification of Intention to Submit' form. It is important to remember that this objection does not serve as a veto. If, on academic grounds, the School wishes to recommend the appointment of a particular examiner to whom a candidate has objected, it can make a case to the Dean of Graduate Studies for the appointment to proceed. Where disagreement exists, the final decision to appoint a particular examiner rests with the Student Matters Sub-Committee (SMS) of REDC.


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