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Thesis Submission

Three printed copies of the thesis are required for examination purposes, together with an identical electronic copy. The electronic copy must be provided in a single portable document format (PDF) file on disc or USB flash drive (or two files in the case of theses submitted by creative work and exegesis. Any supplementary material included in your thesis such as. musical performance must be digitised and provided in duplicate on disc. The printed copies may be soft-bound or hard-bound (soft-bound is recommended).

The submitted theses must comply with the conditions detailed in the document specifications for Thesis (available from the Online University Calendar under the Adelaide Graduate Centre section for the relevant year).

A declaration signed and dated by you, should follow the title page of each thesis copy. Your signature MUST be original, not a photocopy. The purpose of the declaration is to:

  • certify that the work is original and has not been accepted for the award of any other degree or diploma in any university or other tertiary institution and, contains no material previously published or written by another person, except where due acknowledgement is made in the text
  • certify that no part of the work will be used in a submission for any other degree or diploma in any university or other tertiary institution without the prior approval of the University of Adelaide and where applicable, any partner institution responsible for the joint-award of the degree except where due reference has been made in the text;
  • to give consent for the thesis to be made available for loan and photocopying after it has been examined and placed in the library, subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968
  • To give consent for the digital version of the thesis to be made available on the web, via the University's digital research repository, the library catalogue and also through web search engines
  • for theses which include publications, to declare the ownership of (any) copyright included in the thesis that is held by others.

A completed certification of thesis for examination is also required.

If you have signed a Student Project Participation Agreement, are working on a Special Case A or Special Case B project (refer Intellectual Property information in the Conduct of Research section of this Handbook for more information), or received approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies for an embargo to be placed on your thesis, you should still include the declaration. Your thesis will be withheld from public access for the approved duration of the embargo.

Certification of Thesis for Examination

At the time of submission you are required to lodge Certification of Thesis for Examination form completed by your school. The purpose of the form is two-fold. Firstly, it confirms your program of study, the relative weight of the thesis component of your degree and the thesis format so that appropriate instructions can be given to your thesis examiners. Secondly, it provides a mechanism for your School to certify that

  • they are satisfied with the content and technical presentation of your thesis and consider it to be of an acceptable standard for examination in its current form
  • you have satisfactorily completed any coursework requirements (including any placements
  • the thesis is within the maximum allowable word-length for the program
  • you have abided by the University’s policies with regard to assistance and editing and the inclusion of appropriate acknowledgements within the thesis and
  • you have lodged all the original data or primary research materials relevant to your research with the School, as is required under the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

The Adelaide Graduate Centre will provide you with a copy of the certification of thesis for examination form on receipt of your ' Notification of Intention to Submit'. You will need to arrange for completion of this form by your principal supervisor and head of school or postgraduate coordinator.

Submission against the advice of your School

The Adelaide Graduate Centre is unable to accept a thesis that has not been certified for examination by the relevant School.

If you disagree with your School’s advice about the readiness of your thesis for examination, it is expected that the dispute will be dealt with, in the first instance, at the local level by the head of school or postgraduate coordinator. If the dispute cannot be resolved at the local level, the matter should be referred to the Dean of Graduate Studies, either by the School or the student concerned. All relevant documents must be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies at the same time. The Dean will deal with the matter in consultation with the Convenor of the relevant Faculty Higher Degrees Committee and the head of school or postgraduate coordinator concerned, if required.

If the Dean's decision overrides that of the School, the matter shall then be referred to the Student Matters Sub-Committee (SMS) of REDC for final resolution. Depending on the circumstances surrounding each case, the SMS will determine whether or not examiners should be informed of the dispute and what information should be disclosed to examiners. At all times, the independence of examiners must be preserved.

Submission after your Candidature has lapsed

If your candidature has lapsed for not more than 12 months, you will still be permitted to submit your completed thesis for examination provided that it has not departed from the field of study you were pursuing before your candidature expired, and provided that your School is prepared to certify that the thesis is worthy of examination.

Submission after your Candidature has been suspended or terminated

If your candidature has been suspended or terminated, you will not be permitted to submit your thesis for examination. Note that your candidature is automatically suspended if you have not submitted your thesis for examination within 12 months of the date your candidature lapsed.

The 'suspension of candidature' and 'termination of candidature' sections of this Handbook describe the limited circumstances in which it may be possible to reinstate your candidature following suspension or termination to enable you to submit your thesis for examination.


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