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Time Under Examination

Examiners are asked to complete the examination and provide their reports within four weeks of receiving a thesis.

In practice, as examiners are busy people with many other demands on their time, a turnaround time of approximately eight to ten weeks is normally expected. To expedite the examination process, the Adelaide Graduate Centre reminds examiners if their reports have not been received by the due date and follows up with additional reminders where necessary.

On completing their assessment, each examiner submits an independent report and recommends that the thesis be awarded (with or without amendments), revised and resubmitted, or failed. In cases where the examiners make discrepant recommendations, the University will normally appoint a third independent examiner. In such cases, it is important to note that the length of the examination process may be significantly increased.

If you have not received notification of the outcome of your examination three months after submitting your thesis, you are welcome to contact the Adelaide Graduate Centre to enquire about the progress of the examination process. Students should be aware that while the Adelaide Graduate Centre will endeavour to ensure that the examination is completed within three months, it is not possible to guarantee an outcome in this timeframe. In addition, it is important to remember that Adelaide Graduate Centre staff are not at liberty to disclose any details regarding the examination result until the whole examination process is completed.


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