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Outcome of the Examination

The Adelaide Graduate Centre will convey the outcome of the examination to the candidate, supervisors and head of school in writing.

Specified Amendments Outcome

It is advisable not to make any 'anticipated' amendments to the thesis; amendments (if required) should only be made on receipt of written notification of a candidate's final result from the Adelaide Graduate Centre. Once written notification of your final results is received, candidates are permitted a maximum of three months from the date of notification to undertake the required amendments and to lodge the final hardbound and electronic thesis copies, together with a completed 'Final Thesis Lodgement' form with the Adelaide Graduate Centre. Amended theses submitted after three months will not be accepted for the award of the degree.

Applications for additional time in which to complete amendments will be considered only when exceptional circumstances exist. Such an application, in writing and detailing the reasons for the request, must be endorsed by your Principal Supervisor and the head of school or postgraduate coordinator. The endorsed application must be lodged with the Dean of Graduate Studies

Revise and Resubmit

If the outcome of the examination is revise and resubmit, candidates are encouraged to discuss the result with your supervisors and to determine how much additional research and writing will be required before your thesis can be presented for re-examination. Candidates have three months in which to decide whether to revise and resubmit and to notify the Adelaide Graduate Centre of your decision. If notification is not provided to the Adelaide Graduate Centre within this time, it will be concluded that the candidate does not wish to revise and resubmit the thesis for examination. If a candidate chooses to revise and resubmit, the following procedures apply:

  • The Candidate will be granted a maximum of 12 months of candidature from the date on which the revise and resubmit notification is provided to the Adelaide Graduate Centre. The 12-month time limit applies irrespective of whether you are a full-time or half-time student. However, any approved periods of leave of absence will extend your candidature expiry date.
  • The candidate is required to complete any annual review(s) which fall due during the revise and resubmit period.
  • At least one month before the expected re-submission of the revised thesis, candidates will need to complete a 'Notification of Intention to Submit a Revised Thesis for Re-examination' form.
  • On submission of the revised thesis for examination, candidates are required to provide a comprehensive statement outlining the substantive changes made to the thesis prior to resubmission together with a concise defence against any of the examiner(s)' recommendations for change that were not accepted.
  • Under normal circumstances, the revised thesis will be examined by the original examiners. However, for valid academic reasons, the Student Matters Sub-Committee (SMS) of REDC may decide that the thesis be examined by different examiner(s). Such a decision is very rarely undertaken and will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Examiners will be advised where a thesis has been revised and resubmitted, and will be instructed to check whether or not the requirements for additional work specified during the original examiners and supervisor(s)' report and outcome letter, have been addressed.
  • Examiners must not introduce new areas of substantive concern in the re-examination.
  • Examiners must not recommend an outcome of 'revise and resubmit' as the University's rules only permit a student to revise and resubmit his/her thesis for examination once.
  • Following consideration by the SMS, the outcome of the re-examination will be to award the degree (with or without amendments), or, to not award the degree.

Where the examination outcome is to award the degree with amendments, you will be permitted a maximum of three months from the date of notification of the outcome in which to undertake the required amendments.


If the outcome of the examination is that the degree is not to be awarded, there is no recourse for a revised thesis to be submitted for re-examination at a later date. The result is final


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