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Final Form of the Thesis

Following the completion of any required amendments to the thesis to the satisfaction of the University, you are required to lodge one hard bound copy and one electronic copy of the thesis in a single PDF file on disc or USB flash drive, with the Adelaide Graduate Centre, before the degree can be conferred.

The final thesis copies will be used as follows:

  • 1 x hard bound copy for inclusion in the University library's collections; and
  • 1 x electronic copy for the library to be made available on the web, via the University's digital research repository, the library catalogue and also through web search engines.

You should make separate arrangements for the provision of a physical or digital copy of your thesis to your School/supervisors for their own collection(s).

Digital Theses at the University of Adelaide

Researchers have a responsibility to their colleagues and the wider community to disseminate a full account of their research as broadly as possible. In keeping with the University's commitment to make research data available for the use and information of other researchers and the public, the electronic copy of your thesis will be made available on the web, via the University's digital research repository, Adelaide Research & Scholarship (AR&S) and the National Library of Australia's Trove service, unless arrangements have been made to restrict access for a period of time e.g. where dissemination of the research is prevented by ethical, privacy or confidentiality matters and the thesis is under embargo.

Provision of an electronic copy of the thesis is compulsory at the University of Adelaide, which means that until you have lodged both the final hard and e-copies of your thesis (post examination and the undertaking of any required amendments) with the Adelaide Graduate Centre, you will not be eligible to qualify for your award. Further assistance and deposit instructions for digital theses are available on the library website.

Any questions relating to the preparation of your digital thesis should be addressed to the library's digital thesis contacts.

Copyright Issues in Preparation of your Digital Thesis

You will need to check your thesis for any material that is subject to copyright. For example, if you have included any diagrams, illustrations, maps, tables, photographs, musical notation, images and/or audiovisual recordings that are not your own creation, you will need to obtain written permission from the copyright owners.

Make sure you apply for the necessary permissions early (as you are preparing your thesis for examination) so that you allow sufficient time to receive an answer before your final (examined and amended) thesis is ready to be lodged with the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

If you cannot obtain written permission for any items, they should be clearly identified so that Library staff can remove them. An errata sheet containing a list of pages, sections and/or numbered figures that need to be deleted should be prepared and saved onto the disk together with the final thesis copy (see also the section on "Steps for Depositing a Thesis" below).

Except where copyright is owned by others, copyright ownership of the thesis remains with you as the author. This will remain the case unless you choose to transfer it to another entity; the act of making a digital copy of the thesis available on the web in no way transfers copyright ownership.

Any questions relating to the identification, acknowledgement or removing of copyrighted material in your digital thesis should be addressed to the library's digital thesis contacts.

Refer also to the copyright information in the Conduct of Research section of this Handbook and to the following web site for further information.

Document Security

Theses included in the library's digital research repository can be read or printed only. No changes can be made to the document, and copying and pasting is not enabled.

Publishing Issues

It is important for you to be aware that making your thesis available on the web is equivalent to publishing it.

Some publishers (notably book publishers) may regard inclusion of a thesis on the web as a prior publication and consequently may not wish to publish the work themselves. Some major journal publishers accept electronic publication of theses and are happy to publish articles based on these theses.

If you have a relevant pre-existing contract with a publisher (or some other third party who funded, or collaborated with your research) in regard to your thesis, you are advised to seek further advice on this matter from the publisher(s) concerned.

If the form of the thesis is a collection of published papers, it is possible that copyright permission may have been transferred to the publisher(s), and explicit permission will be required to include the papers in the University's digital research repository.

You do not require permission from the University to publish elsewhere.

Steps for Depositing a Thesis

Once the examination process is complete and you have made any required amendments to the satisfaction of the University, you will need to copy the final version of your thesis onto a disc or USB flash drive in Portable Document Format (PDF).


The electronic copy must be identical to the thesis that has been approved for the award of the degree. Do not set document security as this will be done by the library. An errata sheet listing and third party  copyrighted page(s), section(s) and/or figure(s) contained within the thesis which you do not have permission to include in your thesis should also be saved onto the disc where applicable.

The electronic copy of the thesis must be provided to the Adelaide Graduate Centre when you lodge the paper copies required at the completion of examination. A completed ‘Final Thesis Lodgement form must also be provided with the digital copy of your thesis.

Further information about the University’s Digital Theses Program

For further information about including your thesis in the University’s Digital Theses Program, please refer to the library's website .


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