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Appendix 3: Insurance for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Candidates

The University provides the following insurance cover for higher degree by research candidates during the period of their enrolment.

A student who is on leave of absence (or suspended), is not insured during this period.

Personal Accident Insurance

  • Provides insurance for HDR candidates undertaking any activity organised by, approved by or under the control of the University, including participation in sporting events as a financial member of the University Sports Association.

Travel Insurance

  • Provides insurance for HDR candidates undertaking travel authorised by the University.
  • Funding to meet the cost of the travel does not have to be sourced from the University but the University must authorise the travel.
  • The insurance provides for personal travel time providing it does not exceed 50% of the travel time or is not greater than four weeks.
  • The insurance is only provided for the HDR candidate and does not provide cover for spouse or children.
  • The insurance is for a time limit of 180 days any period longer than this time limit requires separate insurance arrangements.

Public Liability

  1. Provides indemnity for the University where HDR candidates enter into arrangements that require interface with a third party and loss, damage or injury is experienced by the third party arising from the actions of the HDR candidate.
  2. The arrangement with the third party must be by written agreement between the University and the third party where the University agrees to indemnify the HDR candidate.
  3. Should the HDR candidate suffer a loss, damage or injury which is a result of negligence or failure on the part of the third party the agreement should provide for the third party to have public liability insurance that enables the HDR candidate to claim against the third party insurance policy.
  4. Professional Indemnity.
  5. Provides indemnity for a HDR candidate in the provision of professional advice under a contractual agreement with a third party.

Directors and Officers liability

Indemnifies a HDR candidate who is appointed to a position as a member of a Board or as an Officer of an association, which is approved by the University. This includes participation in Student Union associations.

Information guides are available on the levels of cover provided. These can be accessed through the University intranet under Legal & Risk - Insurance.

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