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Appendix 4A: Rules for a Jointly Awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Including Cotutelle)


1. Where there is sound academic reason and the Academic Program Rules for the degree permit, the University may, on advice from the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) and the Dean of Graduate Studies, permit a student to enrol simultaneously in an HDR at The University of Adelaide and at a second overseas university under a Joint-Award agreement.

2. Any approved 'agreement' must clearly define the roles of the two member universities, either as the institution of primary enrolment or the institution of partner enrolment.

3. The primary institution should be responsible for the management of candidature and ensuring that deadlines and goals are met.

4. An ‘agreement’ shall apply only to an individual student and must be compatible with the Rules for the relevant HDR program at the University of Adelaide, and Jointly Conferred Higher Degreee by Research (HDR) Awards Policy.

5. The Nature of an agreement

5.1 The Research Education and Development Committee will be responsible for the detailed requirements of a Jointly-awarded PhD Agreement.

5.2 Not withstanding rule 5.1, an agreement must specify the requirements pertaining to:

  1. arrangements for fees;
  2. scholarships and stipends;
  3. supervision;
  4. the language in which the thesis will be written and defended;
  5. details of the examination process and the selection of examiners;
  6. arrangements for students to spend not less than 12 months full-time study at each of the two participating institutions; and Agreements must also comply with the requirements of Rule 8.

5.3 This agreement will supplement but not replace the need for formal admission to the University.

5.4 The agreement must be in place no later than the end of the first year of full-time equivalent study.

6. Supervision

6.1 A candidate seeking enrolment in a jointly awarded HDR program, must have as their principal supervisor, a member of the University's Supervisor Register who is an employee of the University; University titleholders are ineligible to undertake the principal supervision of a candidate in a jointly awarded program.

7. Withdrawal from Candidature

7.1 A Candidate may withdraw from a Jointly-awarded HDR program at any time prior to thesis submission.

7.2 Where the Candidate's primary institution is the University of Adelaide, he or she may transfer their enrolment into a relevant University of Adelaide Higher Degree by Research subject to the applicable academic program rules.

8. The thesis

8.1 The thesis will be written in English; unless approval to write in it a different language is acknowledged at the time the candidature agreement is accepted.

8.2 When permission is granted to produce a thesis in a language other than English, the thesis will include a substantial summary in English. Conversely in the thesis is written in English, a substantial summary will be written in the language of the other participating university.

9. Conduct of examinations

9.1 An agreement will not include an examination process less rigorous than that required under the Rules for the relevant HDR program at the University of Adelaide.

9.2 Examiner's reports (original) must be submitted in English irrespective of the language in which the thesis is written.

10. Outcome of examination

10.1 A candidate who meets all the examination criteria under an agreement shall be eligible for the award of the relevant jointly awarded HDR degree from both participating institutions.

11. The nature of the degree certificate

The degree certificate issued to graduates who have undertaken a HDR program under a jointly awarded degree agreement including a Cotutelle agreement shall read:

"Conferred as a single degree under a joint ['name of program'] program between the University of Adelaide and the ["University of XXX"].

This requirement must be specified in all Jointly-awarded degree agreements, including Cotutelle agreements.

12. General

When, in the opinion of the Research Education and Development Committee, special circumstances exist, the Committee, on the recommendation of the relevant School/Discipline in each case, may vary any of the provisions in Rules 1-11 above.


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