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International Postgraduate Research Scholarship Eligibility

NOTE: This information applies to scholarships offered in the standard Scholarship Application Rounds. Scholarships available may also have alternative / additional criteria - where this applies details will be provided in the information published specifically for that scholarship.

Applicants will only be shortlisted and considered for international research scholarships when all of the following criteria are met:

  • Applicants with a qualification in progress will not be eligible for consideration until the qualification has been satisfactorily completed (and acceptable evidence provided) or evidence of withdrawal has been provided;
  • Australian Honours [equivalence] is attained (refer to the 'Common Questions' towards the bottom of this page for more information about honours degrees); and
  • The minimum English Language Proficiency requirements for direct entry to the academic program are met.
  • Where autonomous sanctions apply the University must gain approval from the relevant authorities to offer admission before shortlisting for scholarships.
  • NOTE: International applicants who hold a research qualification regarded by the University of Adelaide to be equivalent to an Australian Research Doctorate degree or, if undertaking a Research Masters degree, who hold a research qualification regarded by the University of Adelaide to be equivalent to or higher than an Australian Research Masters degree, will only be eligible to be considered for Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships (only offered in Round 1 annually).
  • NOTE: If an applicant has previously been awarded an international higher degree by research scholarship, and failed to successfully complete the corresponding academic program, that applicant will not be reconsidered for any future international higher degree by research scholarships.

Please note that failure to supply mandatory documentation may mean that you miss the deadlines for scholarship consideration. It may also result in administrative withdrawal of your application.


Common Questions - International Higher Degree by Research Scholarship Applications

Q: What is an Australian Honours Degree?
A: In Australia an Honours degree is generally a one year qualification taken after an undergraduate degree and involves further study in a particular discipline area. In some areas, Honours is available as part of the final year of a four year undergraduate degree. It is recognised as a prestigious qualification that further develops research, writing and organisational skills. It also demonstrates an ability to undertake high-level study. 

Q: How will my overseas qualification(s) be assessed?
A: All qualifications from overseas institutions will be assessed in comparison to the Australian Quality Framework (AQF), according to the Country Education Profile (CEP) guidelines provided by Australian Education International (AEI).

Q: Will the publications and/or research experience I have gained since completing my qualification(s) add weight to my application?
A: If you ensure that your publication(s) and/or relevant research experience is detailed in your application and uploaded resume, it will be considered. However the Scholarship committee will pay close attention to the quality of the journal in which the work is published as well as the contribution to the publication made by the applicant. Research outputs are usually assessed in light of the opportunities the applicant has had subsequent to their initial graduation.

Q: What is the likelihood of winning an international scholarship for a Higher Degree by Research?
A: Each round we receive hundreds of applications for a small number of scholarships. Kindly note that the standard of applicants is always extremely high, and the selection process is very competitive. Generally those who have been awarded scholarships in previous international scholarship rounds have completed a Masters degree including a significant research component and have several quality international journal publications with relevant work and research experience. The few applicants who win a scholarship directly out of undergraduate studies have exceptional academic results, high quality international publications and outstanding references. However many deserving applicants miss out each year due to limited availability.


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